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What we do

Flash Games

With a range of clients such as the Scrixon, The Labour Party, BP, Jaguar and Ladbrokes, Peppercorn is far more than just a web design company.

Peppercorn has extensive commercial experience in both web based and kiosk games. We can develop powerful game e-campaigns and other applications, such as 15 memory modules we completed for a New York based client, targeting Alzheimer’s sufferers.

Peppercorn continues to develop online ‘modules’ helping Alzheimer’s patients with short and long term memory retention. We have been involved in various successful game development projects for blue chip companies. We developed the Labour Party e-games for their successful election e-campaign in 2001.

Having developed 4 very successful kiosk based games for Ladbrokes, as well as motor racing games for both BP and Jaguar, our flash based developers have all the experience and technical capabilities to produce exciting and addictive online and email games. Please contact us now for a free friendly consultation and fixed cost pricing.